Welcome Spring with New Sonny Angels!

Welcome Spring with New Sonny Angels!

As spring rolls around, Kawaii Gifts is bringing you more Sonny Angels than ever! The Sonny Angel figures have become one of the most sought after items in our store, and we’re really excited to stock so many fun series. We’re restocking old favorites like the “Sweets” series, the “Animal” series collection, and the special edition “Hello! Jeju” series. We’ve also added some of my personal favorites, the “Vegetable” series, the “Marine” series, and our new “Flower” series.

The Sonny Angel “Flower” series has to be one of the cutest ones so far. This set contains 12 different options plus one secret and one Robby. Each mini figure is wearing a different flower hat. These include a tulip, a carnation, and a sunflower, just to name a few! This series is the perfect way to welcome spring into your home! After trying my luck at this surprise box, I pulled the hydrangea figure. I think the varied hues of purple blossoms adorning his hat look extremely adorable!

The “Marine” series is also a really fun new addition to our Sonny Angel collection. This set contains 12 different options plus one secret and one Robby. This one is especially fun as it features so many different types of sea life. From a clownfish, to a whale, to a penguin, there is something for everyone!

We’ve also restocked the “Hippers” series. The “Hippers” are an interesting addition to the Sonny Angel brand as the mini figure has adhesive tape on the stomach so that you can hang it on your desk, phone, shelf, and more! We currently have two “Hipper” varieties in stock. The “Harvest” series and the original “Hippers” series. In the Harvest series, each figure is wearing a different fruit or vegetable hat. The original “Hippers” are all wearing different animal hats. These figures make great decorations and are sure to make you smile every time you see them!

If you’d like to see our full range of Sonny Angel figures, be sure to check out our Shadyside shop, our online store at KawaiiGifts.com, or our app!


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