Catching Them All? In Figure Form of Course

Catching Them All? In Figure Form of Course

Pokémon is a series that’ll never truly die, and for good reason! It took the world by storm with its Game Boy release in 1996, Pocket Monsters Red and Green. Making its way out of Japan as early as 1998, it became a childhood staple from then on. With fighting gameplay suited for those of all ages, and tens of adaptations it’s no wonder this series has dominated the market for so long. 

We always have cuddleable curly plush and fuzzy Kigurumis in stock here at Kawaii but we’re expanding our Pokémon horizons! Delving in collectibles, we now have an array of wonderful mini figure sets ready for your collection! The Rement Pokémon series has an extremely wide range of scenery and Pokémon to pull from its surprise box. All collections listed at $19.99, with the immaculate detailing and creative design work there’s no regretting getting your hands on one (or more) of these!

Buy 6 together to guarantee a full set of one collection or take your chances on a variety of different vibes and collections. Along with some collections tradable (only in store). All possibilities clearly seen on the box itself, and coming in at around 3”x3”x5.5”. It’s a perfect work desk topper, dashboard decoration, and anything in between! 

The extremely popular Aqua Bottle Collection, with a scene trapped in a plastic bottle for you to admire anytime. See water types, and Pikachu, swimming in the deep sea and enjoying themselves! The Pop’n Sweet Collection with dreamy feels to tasty treats with a Pokémon on top. Or maybe the Happy Days Collection for a more classic Pokémon look! Just companions lounging inside their pokéball. 

There’s a collection for everyone, with even more to come! But even if Pokémon isn’t your speed, we have a couple more games with rement collections. With Kirby collections of multiple varieties, one being a Kitchen set, and a Everyday Convenience Store Vocaloid collection. Because perhaps accessories are more your thing. One series vs another aside, will you be catching them all?



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