Loungefly Surfing with New July Releases

Loungefly Surfing with New July Releases

Loungefly has just made their July releases and I am super excited to showcase them here today. 

The first I am really excited to talk about is the Loungefly Stitch Sandcastle Beach Mini backpack. This is perfect for the hot summer we have ahead of us, and I mean who doesn’t love the cute little ‘Puppy’ Stitch! On the front of this bag we have Stitch ready to destroy the super cute sandcastle that took hours to build, we can also around the bag we have the ocean and seashells to complete this masterpiece of a sandcastle. This bag also has a super cool feature of the drawbridge opening to complete the sandcastle. 

If you love Stitch as much as me, you need to complete this set, with the matching wallet. On the front of this wallet we have again stitch being mischievous and wanting to destroy the whole sandcastle. This wallet also has four separate slots that can hold cards, and one slot to hold your ID, to protect Stitch from your valuables. 

If you are a huge pin collector, then why not get the special collector pin. This pin of course features Stitch again getting ready to drop this super cute sandcastle, and the special thing about this one of a kind pin, is it is limited edition and only made 1700 pins for special pin collectors like you, that are dying to get a Stitch beach pin. 

How can Loungefly be Loungefly without the super Kawaii Hello Kitty bags, with this new collection it will make you want to buy the whole set. The first is the Hello Kitty Breakfast Waffle Loungefly mini backpack. With this mini backpack we have the Hello Kitty waffle on the front of the bag designed around little strawberries, because who can have waffles without strawberries! This bag also has the most fancy sparkly pink straps to keep you stylish everywhere you go, and make sure not to eat the bag, because it has a super yummy smell that will make you crave waffles. 

How can you not complete this super cute waffle set without the Hello Kitty Loungefly waffle wallet. With the wallet we have of course a Hello Kitty waffle on the front of the wallet with the background that has super sweet strawberries to pair with the waffles. This wallet includes seven slots for holding all your cards, and then an extra one for your ID. 

Now you can’t have breakfast in the morning without toast! Well you are in luck, we just got a Hello Kitty toaster crossbody bag for all your toast lovers. On this super cute bag we have two pieces of toast shaped as hello kitty, those are removable, one is a card holder to keep your cards safe, and the other toast piece is a coin purse for all your extra change that can both be placed back into the toaster. On the back of the Hello Kitty toaster bag, you can also change the temperature of how toasty you like your toast, just in case the toast is not to your liking. The zipper also has a strawberry jam charm to spread onto the toast when it is ready!

Pokemon fans out there, don’t worry we did not forget you, we have a new Loungefly Pikachu Sleeping and Friends mini backpack. This backpack has Pikachu peacefully sleeping on top of the bag with all of his friends surrounding him. This backpack is perfect to carry all the essentials for this hot summer, and to all Pokemon fans that love Pikachu! 

Of course you cannot go home without getting the matching Pikachu Sleeping and Friends wallet. This dreamy wallet will take you away with the super cute design on the front. This wallet has Pikachu sleeping on the front again with his friends. This wallet has four slots that can hold cards, and one slot for your ID card. 

Not a fan of any of these Loungefly bags, no worries, we just got a new Disney Princess bag in, can anyone guess who it is, Tangled! This super adorable Loungefly Tangled mini backpack is the fit for you. On the front of the bag we have Tangled escaping the tower to see the whole world ahead of her. This bag also has the feature of Tangled swinging with her long beautiful golden hair to any place her heart desires. 

If you love Tangled as much as anyone, you need to get the matching wallet that is meant for anyone. This wallet has again Tangled escaping from the tall scary tower, into the real world where she has to explore for herself. This wallet has four available slots for cards, and then an extra one for your ID, so while you are exploring like Tangled you don’t lose anything too precious. 

We have so much Loungefly so please check out our whole collection, but we are Kawaii Gifts Located in Pittsburgh, PA in the community of Shadyside, and sell many inclusive Japanese goods. We also have an upcoming livestream Thursday July 6, 2023 7:30 PM EDT, that is available to tune into our Kawaii App, both downloadable in the App Store and Google Play!


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