Go to The Beach with New Marine Hello Kitty & Friends

Go to The Beach with New Marine Hello Kitty & Friends

Big on Sanrio? No need to worry we just got many new arrivals. I am super excited to showcase today. We have stationary to tote bags to everyone's favorite, plushies. I hope you are as excited as me to show all the new Sanrio for this upcoming hot summer!

I have to start off with the best one right? We just got in these super adorable Marine Sanrio plush! We have five different characters in this series. We have Hello Kitty who is dressed as a super cute Orca. We have My Melody dressed as a sweet polar bear. We have Cinnamoroll who is magically a narwhal. We have Pompom who is a little penguin. And the last is Pochacco who is this adorable purple seal. All these super sweet marine plushies come in two sizes, we have of course the large size, which is about 10”, and we have the small bag charm size, perfect for your purse or backpack. 

If plushies aren't your thing, we have super cute new Sanrio Marine tote bags. These bags again come in different sizes. The first we have is the 8” pouch that comes with a handle. All of the designs on each bag are the same as well, they all have the different Sanrio characters, and they are all wearing different outfits, just as them in their marine outfits. We then have the 10” shoulder bag that is super cute, to just throw over your shoulder and have a few essentials to carry around. We also have some in two bigger sizes one is 14” and the other is 19” these bags are way better if you are wanting to carry a larger amount with you shopping or even good for a small weekend trip to the beach of course!

Stationary we all love it, and we of course have new marine Sanrio ones as well. We of course have two sizes, one is a smaller spiral notebook, and the other one we have available is slightly bigger, but seems to be a drawing book. If of course you need lined paper the spiral is a better option for you, but if you really enjoy coloring and drawing we also have the drawing available too! You also cannot buy a notebook without getting a pencil or pen without it. We also got in pens and pencils that have the marine sanrio characters on it. These are super cute. The pencil comes in a pink color and the pen comes in a blue color so you can tell the difference between the wrapping of the pens and pencils. 


Want to see more Sanrio? Join us every Thursday at 7PM EDT where we showcase many new products on our livestream that is available on the Kawaii app both downloadable in the Apple Store, and Google Play.


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