Surprise! New Blind Box Fun

Surprise! New Blind Box Fun

As time goes on, trends change! With the rise of Sonny Angels and Smiskis we’ve decided to give a new surprise box brand a try at our store! It’s always great for long term and new customers alike when we’re able to stock something we’ve never had, and today is that day!

Sonny Angel: Dreams USA 

We’re excited to introduce five new blind box varieties from Minitoys, Awake Toys, Bilibili Goods, and Toy Way products! This wave of products includes some adorable animal centric figure designs and some cute yet elegant girls as figures. These Chinese surprise boxes are a great way to guarantee variety in your collection, unlike some Western brands, these have just one of each possible figurine per box set. Therefore if you order a case there will be no doubles! So let’s go through these lovely designs one by one!

Our first design is Bunny Beauty Outing, an outdoor theme to commemorate the start of the spring season. The set has 8 normal designs and 1 chaser, these lovely ladies have snuggly bunnies hats on for each variety. Doing plenty of activities, get a full set to see all the girls in action! From cooking to painting to soaking in a hot spring this outing has beautifully detailed elements in a simple yet cute style. Our chaser, a girl with her bunny friend in their tent getting ready for a day of camping! With no disappointing options these Outing figures are sure to charm you!

On the theme of bunnies we have our Cup Rabbit Fruit Milk Series, it has 6 varieties, 1 chaser and some very fun features. These doe eyed rabbits make a rainbow scene as a set and have huge fuzzy ears. While their bodies are a sturdy plastic, their ears are both fluffy and bendable! Giving your collection a one of a kind type of feel, you’re in charge of their look. Slim and detailed linework in the facial features and a sleek plastic mold. But it doesn’t end there! The figures themselves are also scented with fruit flavors! 

There’s our Tiny Fortune 2 The Summer Festival with 5 varieties and 2 possible chasers, one of two guaranteed per set! The figures, animals with Japanese summer festival inspired looks. The 5 normal varieties being a deer, fox, cat, tanuki, and rabbit; and both the chasers different nine-tailed fox designs. Everyone accessorized for the event; our fox holding a fan, the cat indulging in a treat, deer sporting an umbrella, tanuki with a mask, and rabbit holding a drum! 

We have Meow Bell Kitty Easy Moment Series with 8 varieties and 1 chaser, each in a significantly large box. And why might that be? Well these cuties come with plenty of add-ons. Each kitty gets its own immersive scene, with a living room esquire base and whatever activity the cat may be indulging in. Three different breeds to collect but all 9 have their own unique poses. The big guys can be seen doing lots of different things; working out, hiding under the covers, working on a laptop, watching tv, or just lounging. 

Lastly, my personal favorite, we have the Boss Please Drink Tea Series. With 10 varieties, one’s is a chaser but she’s guaranteed in a set. There’s a unique cast of characters, no two too similar. Everyone has a mat to kneel on with an associated doodle and each girl has their own delicious tea, maybe even some other drinks. From glasses to mugs to disposable cups every cup has its own touch. But onto the girls themselves, all sporting outfits to match their cups and fun hairstyles. All heart eyed and heads accessorized, looks of traditional, lolita, sleepwear aspects. All happy and rainbow vibes these girls will warm your heart with their teacups. 

Over all there is plenty to love about each one of our new surprise boxes and a great amount of diversity within them! We have lots in stock of every one I talked about here today. Plus, for those who can visit our Pittsburgh store we have full set displays out and soon to be display pieces for trades! To see unboxings of these and more, make sure to join us this Thursday May 11th at 7PM EST. Where we’ll be exploring all the design aspects and fine details of as many blind boxes we can fit into two hours. As always thank you for checking out our blog and we hope to see you all at this week’s livestream!


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