Twice Smashing Records Yet Again With New Mini Album

Twice Smashing Records Yet Again With New Mini Album

Though we’re late to the party, Twice has made their August comeback with “Talk That Talk.” Back with another addicting mini album, there are seven tracks and we’re loving all of them. It’s been about ten months since the release of their last mini album “Formula of Love,” which is basically a drought for how Twice tends to schedule comebacks. 


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For those who may not be familiar with Twice, they’re considered one of the biggest girl groups currently. Debuting in 2015 with “Like Ooh-Ahh,” they were formed on JYPE’s survival show “Sixteen.” Nine of sixteen competitors would be chosen personally by J.Y. Park to debut in the company’s new girl groups. 

After debuting with much success, Twice reached crazy heights with their song “TT,” its music video garnering over 640 MILLION views on YouTube. Debuting in Japan in 2017, Twice became the most successful Korean group in Japan ever. Yet that isn’t all— they continue to break their own records, having sold 8.2 million albums worldwide and reaching first day sales of over 200,000 with “Between 1 and 2” along with multiple other releases. 


“Sixteen” contestants (Mnet)


Considering their achievements, it probably isn’t even necessary to introduce them, unless you’ve been living under a rock. And if you have, it’s never too late to become a once! Going on seven years strong, Twice isn’t slowing down anytime soon.

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