StayC Girls Stealing the Summer Comeback

StayC Girls Stealing the Summer Comeback


Now it’s definitely going down, StayC comes back with Teenfresh this month, August 16th! So we’re celebrating with the help of hello82 and Atiny Pittsburgh; and we’re excited to say our next official Pop-Up event is happening! Come see us August 18th through 20th while we party with the new album, and hello82 Pop-Up exclusive benefits of course. 

Our associated cupsleeve will be right down the street at Dr Tea’s August 20th 2pm to 6pm! Atiny Pittsburgh has hosted both of our last hello82 cupsleeves and they aren’t afraid to exceed expectations with their events! Be sure to check out their Instagram atiny.pittsburgh for more information on the event.

If you’re new here, a pop-up store is a release party for a k-pop comeback! They’re three day events, always on Fridays to Sundays. During our store hours we’ll have a special display for the release and be celebrating the new music. While online customers won’t get to see our festivities in person, we have pre-orders open and you can still get the hello82 exclusive inclusions! The Sunday is accompanied by a cupsleeve event with cup holders with designs inspired by the comeback. Along with a space for fans to hang out and get to know each other.

As for what to expect in your album, there’s a box version and 6 digipak versions (one for each member). All albums come with 2 standard album photocards and a U.S. exclusive photocard. Exclusive signed albums will come with a member signature on the cover, the hello82 exclusive albums will have an extra hello82 photocard, and the Pop-Up exclusive will have a Pop-Up event exclusive photocard! 

With the important information out of the way, let’s talk a bit about StayC. Formed in November of 2020, HighUp Entertainment’s only K-pop group, these girls have been all about a “Teen Fresh” feel through their music. StayC is an acronym for Star To A Young Culture, bringing joy and confidence to our young generations as they grow up. All born after the new century, they’ve won a Rookie of the Year award, and have gathered 17 wins on music shows! They’re iconic for their tagline “StayC girls, it’s going down” and their maknae J’s lower register which is rare to see in girl groups. Their most recent song “Teddy Bear” was a smash hit with an addictive choreography and we’re super excited to see more from them with Teenfresh!


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