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P1Harmony Conquering with a Blast U.S. Tour

Hey! It’s Gabi here, one of Kawaii Gifts’ K-pop experts! Recently, Rachel and I went to Atlanta to see a very underrated group named P1Harmony. This group has had many amazing accomplishments in the U.S and in their music career, and I am excited to tell you about my amazing experience at the concert and their success as a K-pop group!


P1Harmony Official Twitter

P1Harmoiny debuted October 28, 2020 with six members: Keeho, Theo, Jiung, Intak, Soul, and Jongseob. They debuted with the song “Siren” from their first EP, “Disharmony: Stand out.” It was known on this EP that all the members of P1Harmony contributed to the lyrics. In April of 2021 the group made their first comeback with their second EP, “Disharmony: Break Out,” with the lead title track “Scared.” This title track intends to show the importance of eliminating framework and inequality. 


P1Harmony Official Twitter 

Their latest album was their fifth EP named “Harmony: Set In” with the lead song “Back down” that also reached large popularity and was featured in a live performance on the Kelly Clarkson Show. This EP also sold the most copies with 132,000 printed. These copies were also sold within the first week of their EP being released. Their popularity is mostly known in the U.S. among large numbers of international fans. 

As for the concert, I have to admit it was one of my favorite K-pop concerts— and I’ve been to a good handful of K-pop concerts in the past. I remember entering the concert to see it packed full of fans and people supporting the group. The entrance song was “Look at me now.” It was one of the most hype songs on their newest album, and it really prepared us for the most hyped concert of the night! I have to say my personal favorite song was “Gotta get back,” which is a collaboration song from an American artist named Pink Sweat. They definitely gave such a good performance with amazing vocals and dance moves on the stage. 



For this P1Harmony, concert it was actually one of the member’s, Soul’s, birthday! They actually did a special stage for his birthday, which is something that is pretty rare for concerts in general, and they brought our a cake for Soul, sang him a birthday song, and continued an encore stage of “AYAYA.” This stage also had many silly stunts from gifts that were thrown on the stage. My personal favorite was Keeho receiving a princess crown and wand during this stage.



Please don’t forget to support P1Hharmony after the concert and to buy their latest album, “Harmony: Set in.” We actually have the platform version at the moment, which has one card holder, a PVC photocard, a selfie photocard, and a poster for the inclusions. We will be getting more of the photobook version in our next shipment, and we also have their older albums as well at Kawaii Gifts, so please support these boys!

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