New Year, New Pusheen!

New Year, New Pusheen!

As we say hello to 2023, we’re also saying hello to plenty of new Pusheen plush! This new year is sure to be full of surprises, especially delicious ones, with the new Pusheen breakfast series surprise plush keychains! Treat yourself to an adorable new year with sweet s’more, eclair and pancake Pusheen plush, too! The new collection won’t last, so get your paws on your favorites while you can! See each of these new items featured (and maybe even unboxed) live in the Kawaii Gifts app, Thursday, January 5 at 7 PM EST!



Pusheen is of course a cat, and one feature that cats are commonly known for is their adorable paws— specifically, their toe beans. Isn’t it just so cute how their soft little toe beans look on their paws? We thought so, too, so we had to have the Pusheen toe beans plush! This plush features detailed paws with soft pink embroidered toes and paw pads. This particular plush is also a bit larger than our usual Pusheen plush.



Another new plush with plenty of detail is the knitted Pusheen in her classic pose. This cute little plush makes a perfect addition to any collection, and feels homemade thanks to the texture.



The avocado, or avocat-o, themed plush is one more fun new arrival from Pusheen. She has her paws on yet another snack— this time it’s a ripe avocado already sliced in half for her!



The real treats, though, are the s’more, eclair and pancake plush! Each of these are extra soft and squishy. The s’more feels just like a marshmallow! Plus, this plush has a special super fuzzy fabric on top to give the graham cracker its classic crumbly texture. The eclair plush is almost a foot long and is topped with a ripe strawberry and a dollop of whipped cream. Yum! The pancake plush is perfectly stackable, as Pusheen takes the shape of three flapjacks topped with melty butter and maple syrup.



For some extra fun, we also have a new Pusheen surprise box. This edition is the breakfast series surprise plush keychain. The possible plush include cereal Pusheen, bagel Pusheen, waffle Pusheen, avocado toast Pusheen, coffee Pusheen, extra fluffy pancake Pusheen, orange juice Pusheen and one mystery style. Each plush comes with a metal clip for hanging to a bag or keychain. To watch a live unboxing, don’t miss our live stream in the Kawaii Gifts app this Thursday, January 5 at 7 PM EST!



Start not just your day, but your new year, with delectably adorable Pusheen breakfast and dessert plush! These sweet treats won’t last long, so get yours before they’re gone, online, in our app and in our Shadyside shop.


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