New Sweet Springtime Plush at Kawaii Gifts!

New Sweet Springtime Plush at Kawaii Gifts!

With spring on the way, it’s the perfect time to refresh your plush collection with these soft sweethearts! As the flora and fauna come out to play, so do lovable springtime friends like frogs and bunnies! If you’ve been looking for a new plush of one of your favorite critters, we may just have exactly what you’re looking for in stock.



If you want a medium plush perfect for snuggling, then the Spudsters are the perfect fit. With their stocky round shape and extra fluffy fabric, they’ll fit right in with any throw pillows. Palm Pals, on the other hand, are like the new Beanie Babies. They’re exactly what they sound like– palm sized plush pals! If you prefer collecting over cuddling your plush, then the myriad of varieties and themes of Palm Pals are just the thing.



Our newest plush arrivals feature expanded varieties of the fun and fluffy Spudsters as well as even more Palm Pals to add to your collection. Frogs are certainly one of our favorites here at Kawaii Gifts, and have been quite popular lately, thanks to more “cottagecore” and nature-centric styles. With their big eyes, wide smiles and plenty of shades of green, it’s no wonder– they’re just so cute! Not only do we now have the ever adorable Friesa Frog Spudster in stock, but we also have a new frog Palm Pal, Ribbits! Frog lovers will be leaping for joy!


Part of the “pets” collection, Ribbits is one of several new Palm Pals in store. Also joining the lineup with Easter around the corner are Cottontail Bunny and Clover Bunny. Cottontail is a classic white rabbit with perky, upright ears, and Clover has brown patches and ears that hang low. Both are absolutely adorable bunnies perfect for the coming spring. Another notable member of the “pets” collection, Sunny Lab, has returned as well! 



If you prefer animals that are a bit wilder than frogs, dogs and bunnies, then you may just fall in love with the new Remy Red Panda Spudsters and Rei Red Panda Palm Pal! (My personal favorite of all the new plush is Remy!) Remy Red Panda has the bright colors and fox-like face of any red panda. With pointed ears, a soft snout and a fluffy tail, Remy is ready for relaxing with you in your favorite tree branch or seat. Rei Red Panda has a soft, silky fabric that really shines brightly thanks to the reddish-orange color. The markings on Rei’s face are a lot smaller, as well, but certainly aren’t any less cute. Rei is a member of the “zoo” collection along with the popular and recently restocked Bamboo Panda.



If you want even more fun patterns and features, check out the Gerald Giraffe and Eri Elephant Spudsters. We guarantee this giraffe has the shortest neck of any you’ve ever seen! With the classic giraffe pattern, ossicones (the little horn-like things on his head) and fuzzy mane and tail, Gerald is the cutest zoo character to cuddle. If floppy ears are for you, then you’ll love Eri Elephant. She even has a little trunk!


If unique names are more your thing, then you have to meet Huddleston Hammerhead Shark. Joining Ax Axolotl, Selena Sea Otter and Oliver Octopus as part of the “aquatic” collection, Huddleston has a very friendly (and wide) face! Gills replace the normal blushed cheeks that many Palm Pals have, making Huddleston extra special!



For an extra sweet spring treat, look no further than Crumble Cookie and Sugary Cinnamon Roll! No matter how you feel about grocery store frosted sugar cookies, we can all agree that this sprinkle covered Palm Pal is beyond sweet. If your favorite flavor is cinnamon, then you’ll love Sugary Cinnamon Roll! These cuties are nearly impossible for any sweet tooth to resist!



Plenty of other favorite Palm Pals, like Artie Bear, have been restocked as well. You can browse the entire collection of over 50 styles ranging from sweet treats to forest friends to magical creatures in our Shadyside shop, online at and in the Kawaii Gifts app!



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