New Arrivals For Sumikko Gurashi Fans

New Arrivals For Sumikko Gurashi Fans

This week at Kawaii Gifts we are excited to announce the arrival of new plushies and stationery to our San-X Sumikko Gurashi collection!


We just received an order of different Sumikko Gurashi plush. The first ones are 15” Sumikko Gursahi mochi plush. These plushies come in different characters: Neko, Penguin?, Real Penguin, Tokage, and Ebifurai. These plushies are super soft and make a perfect pillow to join you for bedtime!



If you aren’t a mochi plushie fan and prefer a smaller plush, we have Tokage and Ebifurai in a medium 9" plush. I personally really love Ebifurai’s fabric; it is a curlier type of fabric than Tokage’s. These plushies are super great for cuddle time, or just a study friend for the new school year!

If you don’t know much about “Sumikko Gurashi,” the translation to the name is “Things in the corner.” Created around the year 2012, these characters are supposed to be "characters that feel left out or anxious" which makes them "more relevant for a generation who face greater uncertainty in their lives." The main characters in Sumikko Gurashi are Shirokuma, a polar bear afraid of the cold; Penguin? who is not sure if he is a penguin; Tonkatsu, a leftover piece of pork cutlet; Neko an anxious cat; and Tokage, a dinosaur who thinks he is a lizard.

Sumikko Gurashi also has different games, movies, and even books. One of the games available for Nintendo Switch, titled “Sumikko Gurashi Sum Pack He Yokoso,” is a game in Japanese similar to Mario Party, where there are many different mini games included with the characters. Sumikko Gurashi has also expanded to movies with “Sumikko Gurashi the Movie: The Unexpected Picture Book and the Secret Child.”


Sumikko Gurashi: Gematsu 


If plushies aren't your favorite, we also have super cute new Sumikko Gurashi stationery. My favorite stationery is the larger memo book. These two memo books feature illustrations of the characters and have six different designs in each, with 168 pages for note taking, making them very versatile whether you’re studying or writing a grocery list. Unlike many of the other memos we offer at Kawaii Gifts, these are bound on the side rather than across the top, making them feel almost more like little journals.



If you are looking for something cute on the smaller size, we have Sumikko Gurashi flip small memos that come with erasers. These memos come in two styles, “Tokage with his mom'' and ''Sumikko lake.” These memos are perfect for small notes to bring with you, or if you forget something easily you can write it in the memo! They flip open to reveal four small memo pads in each style, helping you stay organized.



If you are new to our blog, we are Kawaii Gifts, a small business located In Pittsburgh, PA in the community of Shadyside. Our store is constantly expanding our kawaii merchandise to Tonymoly, a Korean skincare brand, to Japanese harajuku fashion with Irregular Choice shoes and ACDC Rag clothing, and plenty more in between.


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