NCT 127 Comeback "2 Baddies"

NCT 127 Comeback "2 Baddies"
NCT 127. Credits: SM Entertainment


This summer had many comebacks and tours from major K-pop groups TXT, Stray Kids, and Loona. This coming fall has many surprises for comebacks, especially for the NCT127 comeback of “2 Baddies.” In August it was announced on Twitter that NCT127 will be promoting their release of a new album after almost a year since “Favorite” in October of 2021. 

NCT is an experimental group that debuted in 2016. The group now consists of 23 members. The name NCT stands for “Neo Culture Technology” and includes the following subunits: NCT, NCT U, NCT127, NCT Dream, and WAYV. This group concept is to have endless members across the globe that can be in different countries as well. WAYV, a subunit of NCT is headquartered in China, and rumors said that there will be a unit located in the US and Japan!

If you are a huge NCT 127 fan, you already saw the two tour dates they are planning in October at Los Angeles, and Newark. I personally hope they will add more tour dates to the listing, just because if you are a huge stan of NCT it is a dream to attend a concert!


NCT. Credits: SM Entertainment


If you are a huge NCT stan, you also want to get the album, and lucky for you we will be selling this album in store! The album includes two versions and comes with the booklet, CD, a postcard (1 of 9), stickers, a poster, and a photo card (1 of 9). 


NCT127.  Credits: SM Entertainment


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