Miku, Miku & More Miku!

Miku, Miku & More Miku!
Maybe you’ve been a long time customer, or maybe this is the first post you’ve seen from us at Kawaii Gifts. Either way, Hatsune Miku fans can now rejoice! Though we aren’t shy to pick up Miku products when we can, this is the most figures we’ve stocked thus far for the queen of vocaloid!  

We’ve restocked a fan (and employee) favorite, the Strawberry Chocolate Shorts Sweet Sweets. From a line of figures just released this past year with more to come, she’s dressed ready for dessert no matter where you might display her! The figure comes in at around 6” tall with a beautiful muted palette of pinks and browns. Her outfit is piped to perfection with some strawberries to top it all off. With a sweet smile, it’s no wonder she flew off the shelves the first time we stocked her.

Now we have three whole new arrivals! You might prefer something more versatile and unique in nature. Maybe you have a nonconventional place in mind for your next figure. Well, our new Miku Noodle Stopper figure is both classy in looks and can sit anywhere! This noodle stopper is Miku in her default outfit, but with a sleek and mature touch. Her twintails dance down her back and her top shines brightly! At 6.3” tall, use her to cook your noodles or to accompany you.

If you miss our Sakura Miku selection, we have something for you! Get ready for spring early with Sakura Miku version 3. Bringing fans back to their Project Diva roots, she has a smooth finish and flowers stamped into her design, doing her iconic reaching pose. Coming in at 8.3” she’s a great mid sized figure for any pink lover!

Last but certainly not least, we have our first ever bunny figure, BiCute Bunnies Hatsune Miku! The winking variant of this adorable figure, she comes in at a whopping 12.2” in height. Miku’s fashionably done up in a shining suit, black bunny ears, big buns, and real fabric fishnets to bring the look together! Making our Grandistas look like child’s play, it’s no wonder she’s hyped up!

Our new figure arrivals just keep coming these days, so even if none of these were for you, be on the lookout. We have more in the works and more on our shelves I haven’t even mentioned. So please stop into our physical location in Shadyside or browse around our site which you’re probably on right now! Take the cuteness with you with the Kawaii Gifts mobile app and browse blogs, shop livestream and stay up to date with all of the latest arrivals this spring!


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