Kai's “Rover” Music Video and Comeback Hit the Charts

Kai's “Rover” Music Video and Comeback Hit the Charts

Kai comes back again with his mini album “Rover” with six mesmerizing tracks, with the title track being “Rover.” On March 13, Kai made his highly anticipated comeback with his song “Rover,” and the new release has people excited for the different sounds of the album itself. 

EXO: SM Entertainment

Kai actually debuted in a group by the name of EXO, which hit the scene in 2012 with the debut single of “MAMA.” The plan for EXO was EXO-K for the Korean audience and EXO-M for the Chinese audience. Both played a role with the debut single “MAMA.” The EXO-M song hit mainland China after only a day of release, and EXO-K’s “MAMA” music video hit number seven on Youtube’s Global Chart. 

EXO: SM Entertainment

The EXO comeback in 2013 with their first studio album “XOXO” was a massive success, selling over 1.5 million units across the world. With “XOXO” becoming so popular worldwide, EXO became the youngest K-pop boy band to win “Album of the Year” at the Mnet Asian Music Awards, and the fastest selling K-pop artist. On “XOXO” the title tracks are “Wolf” and “Growl.” These songs were hits, landing first place trophies on award shows. 

As of now EXO, is still active, with their latest comeback being “Don’t Fight the Feeling” that was released in June of 2021. We love seeing EXO as a full group, but many of the members of EXO also perform solo, like Kai, Baekhyun, D.O, Chen, and Suho. 

EXO: YouTube

Kai is a whole talent himself when it comes to his solo debut and comebacks. In November of 2020, Kai finally released his first debut with his lead single “Mmmh.'' Many fans, including myself, were super excited about the fact that Kai has finally made his solo debut, and how much of a banger “Mmmh'' was. Around the same time the next year, Kai released his second extended play, “Peaches,” serving as the title track.

Kai of EXO: SM Entertainment

If you are wondering, we will be getting in Kai’s “Rover” in-store, in-app and online. We will be getting the photobook and the digipack versions. The photobook version comes with the photobook itself, a lyric poster, a photocard with a random selection out of three, the CD and a poster. With the digipack version comes the photobook itself, the CD, a folded poster and a photocard that’s also a random selection out of three. If you are new to Kawaii Gifts, welcome! We are a small business located in Pittsburgh, PA in the community of Shadyside, and are super excited for Kai’s return.


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