Hungry for More Kirby? This Collection is a Feast for Fans!

Hungry for More Kirby? This Collection is a Feast for Fans!

Hungry for more Kirby? So are we! With his recent game release, the 30th anniversary, and another game announcement, the menu is loaded for Kirby fans! This pink, round blob is still as cute and lovable as ever! Stuffed with a collection of plush, mystery boxes, and our Kirby’s Burger Ichiban Kuji prize game, Kirby has been one of our favorite treats here at Kawaii Gifts!

Kirby and the Forgotten Land. Credits: Nintendo

This year has been Kirby’s Year and there has been an amazing amount of content for us fans! “Kirby and the Forgotten Land” released in March of 2022; this year marked his 30th Anniversary; and in mid-August of 2022, the party game “Kirby’s Dream Buffet” is being released! Those are a few of the bigger happenings in the two years since a game was released. With all of this, in May of 2022, “Kirby and the Crystal Shards,” a game from 2000, was added to the Nintendo Switch for all the retro fans to enjoy! With so much content to choose from, why not share that fun with a Kirby of your own?

Order’s up! Fresh out of the kitchen are some all new Kirby keychains and figures! You want to sport your love for Kirby everyday in a subtle way? Grab one of our new Floaty Kirby Tsunameez Star Keychain where Kirby is floating around inside of a star. It is the perfect accessory for back to school or to freshen up your look!

Need something bigger to satisfy your Kirby cravings? Then why not cuten up your study or work space with a new Kirby Paldoce Collection Figure Mochi Series! There are three designs: Mochi Star, Mochi Bun, and Mochi Roll. While all three are adorable and show off Kirby’s personality, the Mochi Bun does it the best as Kirby is seen eating the red bean paste he is sitting in. Kirby’s appetite is never appeased!

If you’re still looking for just the right thing for your aesthetic, we have larger Kirby plush like the 15 ” 30th Anniversary Mochi Plush, smaller mochi Kirby plush like the 6 '' Sitting Kirby Plush and even some smaller nic-nacs in the Mini Figure Surprise Box! We have a bunch of Kirby merchandise— it’s a feast for the fans! 

We are always looking to expand our Kirby collection, so check back online or in our Shadyside shop in the heart of Pittsburgh to see what we’ll have next!


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