Hello82 Announcement Popup Events

Hello82 Announcement Popup Events

June is just about to start, and we have new exciting events here at Kawaii Gifts! We are now affiliated with hello82, so that means hello82 exclusive photocards for albums they supply and some exclusive official merchandise! And will contribute to new ground, as we’ll be a reporter for the U.S Billboard Charts now, for all albums we sell! 

What is a hello82 Pop-Up? A pop-up store is going to have different definitions depending on who you ask and what its purpose is. For us, we’ll be participating in release parties for kpop comebacks! They’re three day events, always on Fridays to Sundays. During our store hours we’ll have a special display for the release and be celebrating the new music. While online customers won’t get to see our festivities in person, we already have pre-orders open and you can still get the hello82 exclusive inclusions! The Friday may be accompanied by a cupsleeve event with cup holders with designs inspired by the artist/comeback.

How can you find out if we’re participating in a Pop-Up? Now of course we can’t participate in every single album that’s released in the industry nor does hello82 host that many, release parties will be much more few and far between. When we are participating in the event, we’ll post about it on our own social media! Plus, hello82 will release an official list of Pop-Up locations on their website. In these announcement blogs they post, the stores will be organized by state, and listed as “Album Purchase” locations. As for the cupsleeve, Ateez’s cupsleeve will be hosted at Dr. Tea’s which is just a few blocks down the street from our own store! And you can expect to see us there! Cupsleeves will also be listed in this announcement section. 

We’re always super excited to work with new vendors, and see this as an amazing opportunity to integrate our business further into the kpop community. While it’ll be a learning curve for us, we can’t wait to provide more events for fans on the east coast! Please consider stopping by our events to help support these comebacks! 


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