Get in on the Experiment of Cutting-Edge K-Pop Girl Group aespa

Get in on the Experiment of Cutting-Edge K-Pop Girl Group aespa

Aespa is an experimental K-pop girl group based around the concept of experiencing two different worlds: the physical and virtual. It’s a boundary-pushing idea fit for a new generation of K-pop! Each of aespa’s four members has their own AI counterparts who exist solely in the digital realm. These two sides come together during music videos to show the full scope of aespa’s concept. Because of this, aespa boasts both a physical and virtual presence just as unique and interesting as their music.

Aespa’s Avatar Counterparts Credits: Soompi 

This futuristic idea has given aespa their own space to shine! Since their debut in November of 2020 with lead single “Black Mamba,” aespa has sprung onto the scene and amassed a huge fan following. Most rookies have to prove themselves and make a slow crawl up the ranks, but aespa is one of K-pop’s most popular rookie groups to date! Aespa even landed a performance at Coachella 2022— a big deal for any artist but especially a K-pop group. American shows are rare for K-pop, which makes aespa’s Coachella showing even more noteworthy!

Aespa’s most recent release was their second extended release Girls in July 2022 which has the title track “Girls” and the lead single “Illusion.” This dancey album also connects some of their covers and previous singles like “Forever” and “Dreams Come True.” Their previous extended release is Savage which dropped in September 2021 and has three different versions; P.O.S., SYNK DIVE and Hallucination Quest. Find your favorite or pick up all three to complete a collection of this breakthrough project!

Here at Kawaii, our MY spirit is no illusion! Both Savage and Girls are available for purchase at our Shadyside shop and online! In addition, we have both versions of Girls, each packed with an exclusive pre-order poster, free with the purchase of either version!  

Aespa Credit: SM Entertainment

To take your own MY spirit to the next level, come get our newly-arrived Aespa lightstick, each loaded with free photocards of the members! If you're new to the K-pop fandoms and are unsure of what a lightstick is, it is a light that you hold at a concert and shake to encourage the artists and show your support. Lightsticks show a special appreciation for a fan’s favorite artist and also make a great collectable piece to show off on a shelf or desk! And there’s no better way to show you’re on the cutting edge of K-pop than shining aespa’s own lightstick.


Here at Kawaii, we are excited for the future of aespa’s complex, experimental and unexpected content!


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