A Sweet Treat from Pusheen to Savor the Rest of Summer!

A Sweet Treat from Pusheen to Savor the Rest of Summer!

Picture this: you’re walking down the sidewalk, enjoying the summer sunshine. It’s a beautiful day, but it’s starting to get a little hot. The farther you walk, the more you think to yourself, “I could really use something to cool off right about now.” Then, you hear it, off in the distance— the delightful dinging tune of an approaching ice cream truck! And who’s driving it but Pusheen! Finally, your sweet respite has arrived! Cash in hand, you run to the window of the truck and marvel at all the delicious options. How will you decide between the malt milkshake or the pastel popsicle? The sweet sundae or the classic cones? It’s almost overwhelming! An idea strikes you as you place your order. “Surprise me!”

With these adorable and delectable Pusheen surprise plush, you’ll be able to savor the sweetness of summer year-round! No need to worry about a messy, melting cone as you’re reminded of summer memories spent poolside, at picnics, chasing down the ice cream truck or visiting the local ice cream stand for a special treat! Add to your collection with the latest surprise plush collectibles from series 17, Pusheen Ice Cream!


Each box contains one surprise mini plush of Pusheen the cat or one of her friends in ice cream form! With eight possibilities, including a mystery style, there’s no shortage of delicious fun to be had! All mini plush include a keychain to keep the sweet taste of summer with you wherever you go!

The styles vary, spanning an assortment of dairy delights! Will you get the chocolatey ice cream cookie Pusheen, with a fudgey stripe and cookie crumbles on top? Or will you get the classic waffle cone Pusheen? Would you like one scoop or two of the sweet sundae Pusheen with a cherry on top? The minty milkshake sure does look fun and refreshing, especially with the sprinkles! The hamster friend, Cheeks, even gets his own character pop! Is it just me or does something look a little…off? Maybe you’d prefer a Pusheen popsicle, with different flavored stripes! There’s no going wrong with a classic soft serve cone, especially with a chocolate dipped shell! I wonder what the mystery style could be, though…any guesses? Watch our unboxing video to get a closer look at the plush! Which one is your favorite? Let us know in the comments!



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