A New Year Full of New Surprises!

A New Year Full of New Surprises!

We ended 2022 with plenty of new surprise boxes to fill the coming year with fun and excitement! The Smiski “Dressing” series has officially been released, and we’ve stocked more Sonny Angel figures than ever, including new “Hippers” and a new limited edition collection. Speaking of limited edition, we’ve also received a number of new Tokidoki x Hello Kitty and Friends collectible figures. On top of that, we have plenty of the Tokidoki x Hello Kitty and Friends surprise figures. We’ve even added more fun gashapon from Sanrio and BT21!



It’s what everyone has been waiting for…the Smiski “Dressing” series has debuted at Kawaii Gifts! Another adorable addition to the collectible lineup, the “Dressing” series features six surprise figure options and one mystery style, for a total of seven collectibles. These figures also use phosphorescent material to glow in the dark. 



Each style in this series is struggling to get dressed. We’ve all been there! Sometimes, like Smiski, you find out the hard way that your sweater shrunk in the wash. Other days, your pants are a little baggier than usual, or maybe the skinny jeans are just a bit too tight. Socks and underwear are a must, of course, even for little Smiski figures. And who doesn’t love getting cozy in their favorite sweater? These figures are available now along with restocks of other popular Smiski series. Get yours before they’re gone! 



It’s been a big year for Sonny Angel! We’ve had a few new arrivals including the 2022 Christmas ornament, the special “Hello! Jeju” edition, a new “Hippers” series, and the completion of our “Animal” series collection. We’ve even stocked the limited edition “Enjoy the Moment” series! Each series is unique and full of plenty of surprises to collect. 



In a standard figure like the newly stocked “Animal” series two, there are 12 surprise options plus the secret style, all featuring different animal hoods on the classic character. The “Hippers” are a relatively new addition to our collection and feature an adhesive grip on the figure’s stomach for easily hanging the figure on a shelf, computer monitor, or more! There are endless possibilities for fun ways to display the new “Harvest Hipper!” Each of the 12 styles plus one secret style have different fruit and vegetable themed hats! Check out the unboxing here!



The “Hello! Jeju” series features a limited lineup of six surprise styles plus two secret styles for a total of eight Sonny Angels that each depict a different aspect of Jeju Island in South Korea. Jeju Island is a major tourist attraction with plenty of heritage sites, and these Sonny Angels are almost like little souvenirs! Each figure has a little shirt and hat with designs matching different things the island has to offer.



We’re very excited about the arrival of the limited Sonny Angel series, “Enjoy the Moment.” Sonny Angel is having fun at home in this lineup, with six styles and two secret styles featuring the mini figure enjoying favorite pastimes. As a bonus, each surprise box may also contain a matching accessory charm! These sweet Sonny Angels are outfitted to match a favorite hobby, such as listening to music, journaling, gardening, enjoying coffee, photography and spirituality.



We’ve also added to our Tokidoki surprise box collection with two new crossover figures featuring Hello Kitty and Friends! The new surprise box features the popular Unicorno brand crossing over with Sanrio’s Hello Kitty and friends in fun and unique ways! Cinnamoroll even gets to ride a Unicorno for his surprise figure style! The other possible characters include a sakura themed My Melody, a grim reaper Kuromi, a donut loving Pompompurin, a Tuxedo Sam taking a dip in a teacup, a prickly cactus Badtz-Maru, the Little Twin Stars in an oyster shell with a shiny pearl, a milk themed Keroppi, and Hello Kitty dressed in a Unicorno costume with a miniature Unicorno figure in her head. The chaser for this series is an extra cute cow clad Pochacco!



The limited edition crossover figure is no surprise but is certainly a must-have! The figure features Hello Kitty in a Unicorno costume, but this one is different from the surprise box style. Her face is clear, revealing a miniature Unicorno inside her head.



Adding to our Sanrio lineup, our gashapon collection now includes two fun new squishies featuring some hard to find characters as delicious sushi and steam buns! These collectibles are water-filled squishies that are sure to replace your standard stress ball. Each series comes in stackable containers for combining and collecting them all, and they feature different characters as well! On the menu for the sushi squishies are Hello Kitty, My Melody, Pochacco, Pompompurin and Badzt-Maru. The steam bun options include Hello Kitty, My Melody, Cinnamoroll, Tuxedo Sam and Chococat!



To see more of these surprise boxes and their options, check out our YouTube channel for unboxings of many of these arrivals! We’ve also unboxed several of these live during our streams in the Kawaii Gifts app. Download to watch and shop the old streams and join us weekly, Thursdays at 7 PM EST, to see live unboxings and more!


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