TONYMOLY Korean Skin Care New Arrivals at Kawaii Gifts

TONYMOLY Korean Skin Care New Arrivals at Kawaii Gifts

Kawaii Gifts continuously expands the amount of different merchandise we are selling, and that includes the addition of the famous Korean skincare brand, TONYMOLY. 

If you need a self care day, TONYMOLY is a great option for you. We have different masks such as “I’m Honey,” “I’m Lavender,” “I’m Rose,” and “I’m Green Tea.” These masks have different features for your face. For example, the “I’m Lavender,” and “I’m Rose” are both sleeping masks, which means you leave them on overnight. The “I’m Rose” is a revitalizing mask that helps bring life into your skin, and the “I’m Lavender” mask helps calm down your skin, and with the relaxing scent of lavender, soothes you too! Not sure which one to try? We offer all four varieties in small tubes or larger containers for when you find your new favorite addition to your skincare routine!



TONYMOLY also has an amazing skincare line made for drier, sensitive skin called Moisture Boost. We have four products in the Moisture Boost collection. We have eye serum, eye patches, morning cleanser, and concentrate serum. These products are great for dry skin. From my experience, it is gentle for my skin and leaves it smooth and moisturized. With the cold, dry months of winter approaching, it’s important to take extra care of your skin. Did we also mention the adorable packaging?



New to Korean skincare, and TONYMOLY? TONYMOLY was established in 2006, and the name means “putting style into packaging.” According to the TONYMOLY website they’re, “fusing fun ideas with effective yet affordable products…” These products are super cute, effective, and are available at very affordable prices for anyone that wants to start off with Korean skincare.

If you are more into beauty products, TONYMOLY also has the Pocket Bunny line of perfume bars. These perfumes are Bebe Bunny, Juicy Bunny, and Bloom Bunny. Bebe Bunny has top notes of bergamot, and orange, middle notes of rose and orchid, and woodsy base notes of musk and vanilla. Juicy Bunny has top notes with bergamot and lemon, freesia and white rose middle notes, and a base of musk and sandalwood. The last bar, Bloom Bunny, has top notes of lemon, middle notes of jasmine and rose, and finally a woodsy base with notes of amber and musk. These perfume bars are the perfect travel size when going on a trip, and are easy and convenient to carry, avoiding the limits of liquid allowed on the airplane! As a nice bonus, they’re also moisturizing!



One of our bestsellers at Kawaii Gifts includes the adorable Jelly Melts. These Jelly Melts come in three fruity scents: lychee, grape, and watermelon. This product is perfect if you usually get chapped lips in the winter, or just want to keep your lips moisturized year-round. The Jelly Melts will leave them hydrated and full for the entire day, and don’t forget the amazing fruity scent! With the jelly texture, they provide long-lasting hydration whether you’re using them as an overnight lip mask or daily lip balm substitute. 



If you’re visiting our Shadyside shop or browsing our online store, feel free to ask us about our complete TONYMOLY line! Many of our team members have tried these products for themselves and we’re more than happy to share our thoughts.

If you are new to our store, we are Kawaii Gifts, a small business located in Pittsburgh, PA in the community of Shadyside. We specialize in all things kawaii and cute imports, from Sanrio plushies to Korean skincare like TONYMOLY. You can shop anywhere, anytime with the Kawaii Gifts app, check out our live streams, earn and redeem rewards and of course catch up on the blog! Stay up to date on the latest kawaii news on our social media, too.


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