| Kayla Kuppertz

No Better Place for an Art Festival

This past weekend was the 25th annual Art Festival in Shadyside, and after just a quick look, one can easily see why this event has been a success for a quarter of a century. The free to attend festival, spanning two sunny days on Walnut Street, featured artists from around the country. Many traveled into Pittsburgh from out-of-state, while others were local, each bringing stories for their art to tell from near and far.

Image credits: ArtFestival.com

The festival also boasted a variety of art styles, ranging from classic watercolor paintings to different forms of photography to metalwork sculptures to jewelry and accessories, and so much more. Each of the dozens upon dozens of artists had a different perspective to share, evident in how each piece told a unique story. Whether you’re impressed with large, grandiose statement pieces or small, detailed craftsmanship, there was something for everyone to enjoy.

There was certainly no shortage of artwork to admire (and purchase) over the two-day festival, this year taking place August 27 and 28, and the event brought a large crowd to Shadyside. Walnut Street, with its many eclectic shops, boutiques and restaurants, made the perfect canvas for the annual festival. Those in the spirit of supporting independent artists could also support small businesses, like ours, while enjoying the art. We at Kawaii Gifts are very happy to fit in with the other unique businesses and events that call Walnut Street home.

Image credits: ArtFestival.com

If you’re looking for a unique experience, a bite to eat, or just a break from the heat, Walnut Street has you covered. The annual Art Festival is just one of many events here that bring extra excitement to the lovely neighborhood of Shadyside. This festival and others put on by Howard Alan Events & American Crafts Endeavors are consistently ranked as one of the top art shows in the country. With exhibitors who offer live painting, Pittsburgh-inspired art, elaborate and multipurpose sculptures and art spanning traditional, multicultural and contemporary styles, that’s certainly no surprise. If you have an appreciation for art, put the Art Festival on your calendar, and make sure you stop by Kawaii Gifts while you’re visiting.

As one of the unique shops in the area, Kawaii Gifts brings together plush, figures, accessories, decor, clothing and more that all fit into the kawaii style, popularized in Japan for its cuteness. Whether its clothing from LA based artists that fits a contemporary anime aesthetic, plush and stationery from top Japanese names like Sanrio and San-X, bags and accessories from Loungefly that you otherwise would see at Disney parks, traditional Japanese games like the Ichiban Kuji raffle, or music and beauty trends imported from South Korea, there’s something for everyone who appreciates kawaii.

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