New Pusheen For all Pusheen Lovers

New Pusheen For all Pusheen Lovers

Pusheen is one of the most loved cat characters online, and I am excited to show you all of our favorite and store favorite Pusheen plush at Kawaii, but first let’s learn how Pusheen got so popular? 

Pusheen was created in 2010 Claire Belton and Andrew Duff on a comic strip for their website ‘Everything Cute’ Now Pusheen is seen on almost everything to comic strips, stickers, plush, figures, and more. On Pusheen Official Website Pusheen is a female gray tabby cat that loves snacks and going on fun adventures. Pusheen also has many family members. We have Stormy Pip, Sunflower (Mom), and Biscuit (Dad).


Now with all the amazing plush we have at Kawaii. The first and the most popular plush at the moment is the Pusheen Gingerbread. This super adorable plush is 6” tall and has cute pastel candy buttons on his tummy. The color of the plush also makes you hungry for a tasty gingerbread cookie to snack on. This plush is also super squishy and soft for all the times you need to cuddle with this super sweet cookie! 

If you are also on this sweet tooth train with me, don’t worry we also have these super soft and squishy pancake plush. This plush design even has warm butter and maple syrup to enjoy those yummy pancakes with. This plush is a perfect buddy to snuggle with or just to display on a shelf or a desk, this will make others wonder where you got such a cute plush from! 

To go along with our yummy Pusheen desserts, we must have a drink with them, with these super cute Pusheen sips it is the perfect pair with our snacks. We have four different plush Pusheen sips strawberry milk, chocolate milk, apple juice and boba. With these super adorable Pusheen sips, they are also the soft and squishy material that the rest of the plush are too, they also have really cute detail on the side of both milks, one has a strawberry, and the other has a chocolate bar. These are perfect to pair with the pancake and the gingerbread above, or if you really like any of the drinks above!


If you are a sweet tooth we have the perfect plush for you, an avocado Pusheen! This plush is Pusheen holding an avocado. It is the perfect gift to give if you really love avocados, this plush also is super soft and can be a great friend for bedtime. This plush stands 10” tall and the Pusheen is a very classic look to her. 

If plushies are not your thing don’t worry we have many other products that are not plush, like this super cute thermal water bottle. This water bottle is a Pusheen gaming theme and is perfect for the hot weather that is coming soon. This water bottle also has a digital temperature display on the top of the water bottle to tell the temperature of your drink. This water bottle is suitable for both hot and cold drinks. Keeping cold liquids cold for 24 hours and warm for 6 hours and it is dishwasher safe. 


Expect to see all new Pusheen and many more of your favorites at Kawaii which is located in Pittsburgh, PA in the community of Shadyside. If you are in the area please stop by and say hi or download our Kawaii app available in both the Apple Store and Google Play to watch our in app live streams that happen every Thursday 7PM EDT! 


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