Meet the Spudsters!

Meet the Spudsters!

Meet the Spudsters collection by Aurora! To quote the Aurora World official website, these stumpy and plump friends are a "unique potato plush that blend animal charm with potato whimsy." The Spudster gang make the perfect gift for all ages, not to mention that they are unbelievably soft and the perfect shape for hugging!

Anyone who is captivated by these plushies' rotund form will have several creatures to choose from when they visit the shop: these include Fresia the frog, Axel the axolotl, Tutie the cow, Cutie the pig, a bumblebee (the poor fellow has no name), Pepper the penguin, Remy the red panda, and, hilariously, a giraffe named Gerald, who due to his stout form, is lacking the defining feature of a giraffe. I was unable to resist buying one for myself- I went for the frog, of course. Who could deny that big goofy face?


We started carrying these irresistible guys at the shop in early 2023 with the frog, but have since expanded the number of animals we have available- so who knows who might join us next! Stop by Kawaii Gifts or check out our online shop to snag yours for $22.95 while you can!


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