Loungefly August Releases

Loungefly August Releases

Loungefly always had the cutest releases, this month we have an exciting release from Loungefly. Loungefly decided to make a Halloween Sanrio collection of Cinnamoroll and Pompompurin! 

The first bag I am really excited to show you is the Cinnamoroll Halloween Cosplay Mini Backpack. This mini backpack is so adorable it is a Cinnamoroll dressed as a bat, how can we complain? It is the most adorable thing on the planet! The bat wings and Cinnamoroll ears swing over the bag with his adorable vest, as well as his little legs hanging over the bag as well. All Cinnamoroll fans will die to have this bag. 

If you are totally obsessed then we can’t forget the super adorable wallet that is paired with the bag. The front of the wallet has Cinnamoroll dressed as a bat as well as the ears swing over the end of the wallet. The interior of the wallet has a candy wrapper design as well as four card slots and one ID holder for your ID. 

How can I forget Pompompurin the pudding dog? We have a Loungefly Crossbody Pumpkin Pompompurin bag. This bag is a crossbody bag that is Pompompurin holding a pumpkin. The pumpkin feature has a zipper to also put things in and a little feature of muffin on the bag. Who doesn’t love Pompompurin little chubbiness on this adorable Halloween bag. 

We are Kawaii Gifts, a small business store located in Pittsburgh PA, in the lovely community of Shadyside selling a variety of different merchandise including all Sanrio, K-pop and the love of all Anime fans! We also live stream every Thursday at 7:30 PM EDT, so please join us!


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